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Demo Reels and Featured Videos

On this page you'll find our most recent demo highlight reels to illustrate the types of projects we've been involved in creating and producing over the years as well as selected documentary trailers and a special intro video for an upcoming Shaffer Films project. 

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy...

2024 Demo Reel
"The Man in the Glass..." - Documentary Trailer
2018 Demo Reel
2020 Demo Reel
Heading 1
2016 Demo Reel
2015 Demo Reel
Sports Demo Reel
Harley Davidson
Promotional Video
Corporate Video Sample
"Rite Aid National Managers' Meeting"
2017 Demo Reel
2018 Drone Demo Reel
"No Plan B"
Documentary Film Trailer
"Star Wars" Fundraising Event Video
"Glass Mask"
Intro Video

All deposits made to Shaffer Films to reserve dates for work are non-refundable.

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